Slim Center


One of the best therapy in weight loss it works with infrared rays and ultrasound waves. It helps weight loss and inch loss together. It burns around 750 to 1000 kcal in 45 mins session. It helps even to glow the skin. It gives around one inch difference in one sitting at one particular areas. which is visible in our naked eye.

Over all none machine gives side effect it works only on fat with out giving any hindrance to near by tissues, nerves, muscle.

But contraindications should not be given on open wound, skin disease, open sores, recent surgeries, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, anemic and kids below 12yrs.

G five Helps to breaks fat, mobilise the fat, tones muscle it's a manual massager, relieves pain and improves blood circulation.

Project Info:

Heat Machine:

It works on principle of FIR (Far Infrared Rays) with short wave diathermy. It increases BMR which helps to burn fat, reduce water retention, swelling, Edema, muscular cramps, makes irregular periods to normal, burns calories. average around 600 to 800kcal in 45mins session.

Nms Neuro muscular stimulator:

Helps in increase in BMR helps to burn fat, helps to reduces inch wise on body, burns calories up to 300 to 500 kcal in 45mins session.