About us

Best Club fact sheet

Designed and launched

In the year 1991 with a dreamer’s vision by Chevalier R. Arunachalam, The Architect of Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Best Club today is a landmark of Bangalore Metropolis.

45 Acres of lush greenery

Situated at an elevated place over a hillock and vales in an expanse of over 45 Acres of lush greenery, Best Club is undoubtedly the biggest club in India.

Beautiful Surrounding

Best Club’s beauty just cannot be explained in words. The fact that over 250 films have been shot on its locale alone speaks of its breath taking ambiance.

Natural Beauty

The Club emphasizes nature in its original form, introducing its buildings and facilities delicately and unintrudingly, preserving every possible inch of Mother Nature’s infinite variety.

Conference rooms

Holding conferences for domestic reviews and strategy planning, promotional meetings and bonding with own employees, in such an ambiance make business sense.


The more vigorous and impetuous can swim, snook or indulge in any sports activity. The thirsty can hear the music of tinkling glasses and gourmets can experience the air thick with the aroma of multi-cuisine restaurants.

Vast Expanse

The very fact that it takes more than 8 hours to walk through the facilities of Best Club amply proves its vast expanse.

Right Environment for family

Because it values ‘family concept’, Best Club has created the right environment for a family.


All the features Best Club offers together go to make Best Club live up to the true meaning of ‘clubbing’.

Over 2000 members

Best Club has an admixture of over 2000 members from all walks of life – Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen, Industrialists, Judges, Advocates, Scientists etc., from all castes and communities – representing all the States of India.

Corporate Facilities

Best Club has been successfully catering to the world of Corporate business which has found this facility to be best suited for holding conferences for Business Plans, to offer the much needed periodic retreats and recuperation to its Top Management and Executives, as also to hold ‘At Homes’ to its employees and their families, with a view to develop the most essential bondage needed in business.

Best Life experience

During a sojourn in Best Club, one can experience the changing landscapes, much alike in a kaleidoscope, pass through man-made waterfalls, a zone of thick mist and dew, thrown in for a good measure a very very Crazy Park, where grown-ups become children and the old become young, and may even be pulled into a very serene man-made rock-cut cave – ideal for even the Gods to meditate. One literally begins to live in nature, pure and pristine.

Experience to believe it……

Imagination, Creation & Execution
Chevalier R. Arunachalam

Board of Directors

1 Dr. R. Arunachalam Hon. Chairman
2 Mr. G. H. Ramachandra Hon. Vice Chairman
3 Mr. P. Udaya Kumar Hon. Exe. Director
4 Mr. P.C.Ramesha Organizing Secretary
5 Mr. M.C. Uthappa Hon. Treasurer
6 Capt. Ramesh Arun Internal Auditor
7 Mr. K.T. Seshagiri Hon. Director
8 Mr. P.R.Pratap Hon. Director
9 Mr. Himmathlal B. Hiran Hon. Director
10 Mrs. Rekha Ramesh Hon. Director
11 Mr. Siddaraju Hon. Director
12 Mr. N. Narasimhan Hon. Director

Executive Committee Members :

  1.   Mr. Sathyanarayana Rao
  2.   Mr. P.Chandrashekar
  3.   Mr. M. Nagaraja
  4.   Mr. Ramaiah